Are you throwing a pool party? Or just bringing a bunch of guests for the day? We’ve got you covered.

Party Guard Registration

Lifeguard on dutyCheck with your community rep or manager for the requirements. Most communities require an additional guard be staffed during your event for as few as 7 nonmember guests. If you are unsure of the numbers, we have a formula on the Registration form below.

This additional guard is something you are providing for the pool. The community has already set up standard guard coverage based on the membership usage trends. If you are going to bring in significantly more guests than was predicted, this extra Party Guard is a consideration for the rest of the pool to handle the overage of your party. A handful of young swimmers unfamiliar to the pool rules and practices can add more staff burden than you might imagine.

Our lifeguard staff will provide as much additional service to your event as possible, but as the hosting member, you are responsible for your guests’ behavior and condition of the facility upon departure.

Please be sure your guests know the rules and your space is clean at your best, most reasonable effort to what was brought in.

Follow this link to request a Positively Pools Lifeguard for your party.

For us, the proof is in the postive results.

Our subdivision uses your company for our pool maintenance – Morningbrooke Subdivision. Just wanted to tell you that I feel we have received the best service from you on the maintenance of our pool. We have lived in this subdivision from the very start (10 years plus) and didn’t swim in the pool for years because it was not kept clean. There is no hesitation in going in the pool area now due to that reason.”

Kim Huening
Morningbrooke Subdivision

Thank you again for maintaining such a HIGH level of professionalism with your actions and ALL of your staff!! It reaffirms what I already knew in that the quality of service and attention to detail that Positively Pools gives this Department and the patrons who visit Briscoe Pool is of the highest level.

Lisa Platt
City of Snellville

I wanted to express again on what and OUTSTANDING JOB Emily has done this year. Out of the 9 years I have been managing the pool this has been by far the best.”

Keith Hyde

I have to say this was the best summer for the pool in the 8 years I’ve lived here, you guys have done a fabulous job with excellent pricing which really help or low budget, I look forward to next season!!!

Terry McLaurin
Brooks Crossing

The commitment of Positively Pool’s management is very apparent with their interest in collecting feedback from their customers and employees.

Paul Callis (Lifeguard Supervisor)
Positively Pools